Paralympic Torch August 21st

Today the Paralympic Torch came to Sainsbury’s Local on Hayling Island.

Having missed out on the Olympic Torch visiting the Borough, this time Hayling had been chosen out of all of the smaller branches of Sainsbury’s in the region from Bournemouth to the Portsmouth area.

When we arrived at the store just before 9 o’clock, there were quite a number of people already waiting to see the torch and, for many of them, the only opportunity to be photographed with it. Among the people were many young children, and it was lovely to see the enthusiasm with which they held the torch while being photographed.

The Paralympic Games began in 1948 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital with less than 20 people taking part. This year will see over 4,000 athletes taking part, representing more than 160 countries across the world.

Always entusiastic!

Always entusiastic!

Two of the Games stewards

Two of the Games stewards


Part of the crowd.

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