Positive Role Model August 14th

Following the Award presentation on July 17th for the 18 young people who took part in the Positive Role Model scheme, it was decided to invite them to the Public Service Plaza.

This evening 12 of the 18 came to have a look at the Council Chamber and the Mayor’s Parlour. They were accompanied by two of the Waterlooville PCSO’s and a representative of the Fire & Rescue service.

After a brief talk in the Atrium, we went up to the Council Chamber and then into the Mayor’s Parlour.

A look at the facilities in the Parlour, and the opportunity to sit in the Mayor’s chair, was followed by another trip into the Council Chamber where there was the opportunity to talk and ask questions, and to have some drinks and a few nibbles.

A mayor of the future?

A Mayor of the future?

Drinks, nibbles and talk in the Council Chamber.

Drinks, nibbles and talk in the Council Chamber.

In the Atrium

In the Atrium

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