St. John the Baptist August 7th

For the second Tuesday in a row Elaine & I were present at the Licensing of a new Vicar in the Borough.

This week we were at the Church of St. John the Baptist in Purbrook, where the service, conducted by the Venerable Trevor Reader, the Archdeacon of Portsmouth, was held to welcome, as Associate Vicar, the Reverend Timothy Wood.

Just as last week, a large congregation from across the area was in attendance to hear the Declaration of Assent, the Oath of Allegiance to the Queen and the Oath of canonical Obedience recited.

After this, the License was read by Trevor Reader and handed to the new Vicar, who was then blessed by the Archdeacon.

Timothy was then welcomed by representatives from various bodies, including the Area Dean, Jonathon Jefferies, the Church Wardens, other Churches, bell ringers, Guides, young people of the Parish and myself, representing the Borough of Havant.

At the end of the service, refreshments were served in the Church hall.

With the new Vicar, Rev. Timothy Wood

With the new Vicar, Rev. Timothy Wood

St. John's Church, Purbrook

St. John’s Church, Purbrook

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