Breakfast July 28th

This morning at 8 o’clock we were at Riders Infant School in Leigh Park to join the 3rd Leigh Park Riders Beaver and Cub Scouts for their Summer Camp breakfast.

Time to eat!

Time to eat!

The Beaver Scouts were staying for 1 night, while the Cub Scouts, being older, were staying for 2 nights.

When we arrived we found that there were about 18 boys and girls, together with helpers, getting cleared up from their first night’s sleepover, while waiting for some of the adult helpers to prepare breakfast.

Also there for the breakfast were three of the local police beat officers. They had a  great time playing football with some of the youngsters, and generally getting to talk to them during the meal.

With the Birthday Boy!

With the Birthday Boy!

One of the Beaver Scouts was celebrating his eighth birthday and, unbeknown to him, was going to be moving up to the Cub Scouts and staying for an extra night when he only expected to stay for the first night.

After we left the Cub Scouts were going to Fort Nelson, while the Beaver Scouts were being collected by their parents at about 11.30.

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