Shakespeare July 18th

It’s raining in Cowplain! Let’s go and see a Shakespeare play in the Portsmouth Dockyard. In the open!! No shelter!!

Victory as backdrop

Victory as backdrop

Portsmouth Dockyard is as dry as a bone! A bit windy, but the show must go on, so our weather worries come to nothing. Well, the play is Much Ado About Nothing after all.

Put on by the Royal Navy Theatre Association, Much Ado has been brought somewhat up-to-date, using Shakespeare’s language, but with the cast dressed as Royal Marines returning from Afghanistan.

Victory as backdrop

Victory as backdrop

This was an evening of enjoyment, with the cast working well together and producing the normal tragicomedy that is the hallmark of this play.

The production is part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Open Stages project, with over 260 companies taking part in different productions across the length and breadth of the UK.

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