Bloomin Lovely July 17th

This morning we were in Leigh Park to award prizes and certificates to the three winners of the Bloomin Lovely 2012 garden competition.

The first visit was to Woodcot Crescent, where residents had transformed a tarmaced yard into an area of colour, using almost anything that will hold a plant, regardless of whether it is floral or vegetable.

We then moved on to Wakefords Way. Here one of the residents had created a lovely garden, again with lots of colour and an area of decking.

Finally we went to Soberton Road, where a resident had created a floral border as a memorial to her late mother.

All of the entrants must be warmly congratulated on their efforts, and I expect that they will have even more to show next year.

Many thanks to Portsmouth City Council, and the resident Participation Officer for Leigh Park, Heidi Golder.

The winning border

The winning border

The winning yard

The winning yard

The winning garden

The winning garden

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