Hampshire Water Festival July 14th

This morning we went to the appropriately named Hampshire Water Festival!

Look! No Rain!

Look! No Rain!

When we arrived, although it was raining, many stall holders were bravely setting up ready for the hoped for influx of visitors. As the morning progressed, so the weather did brighten up and, when the sun came out, it was very warm.

Advantage was taken of the sunshine for me to cut the ribbon to officially open the Festival, this, however, being the signal for it to start raining again!

Cutting the ribbon

Cutting the ribbon

Even during the rain, children were happily having a go on the roundabout, and there was a lot to see with a wide variety of stalls and also in the large, and hopefully waterproof, marquee.

With a better weather forecast for the Sunday, there will be many Olympic based events and various taster sessions. To find out more, go to http://www.hampshirewaterfestival.co.uk

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