Lunch Club July 11th

This morning Elaine & I went to the Lunch Club at Emsworth which is run by the Havant Council of Community Service.

This is held at the Emsworth Centre in South Street. This centre is very well attended and has a well equipped kitchen, manned in part by volunteers. Another lunch club is held in Mill Road, Waterlooville.

When we were there about 20 people were enjoying a 2 course meal, at a cost of £3.40. There is another group of people who would normally be there on a Wednesday, but they were having a day out at another venue.

Many friendships have been made, with people coming on a regular basis and enjoying the food and companionship which was so obvious to us.

The Emsworth Centre also supplies a meals-on-wheels service for those people who are unable to come to the lunch clubs for one reason or another.

For information on this, and other HCCS services, check out

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