Sea City Museum July 5th

Along with other Mayors and Chairmen from around Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, I was invited to experience the Sea City Museum in Southampton.

Comparative size of Titanic

Comparative size of Titanic

Opened in April to mark the centenary of the sinking of RMS Titanic, the museum features much information about the ship and those who sailed on her on that fateful voyage.

There are many unique items on display, such as passports and paybooks and the beautiful certificate from the Liverpool Shipwreck & Humane Society awarded to Dr Frank McGee for his work helping the survivors.

Picture of staircase

Picture of staircase

Amongst other exhibits is a large model of RMS Queen Mary,many smaller ship models and a vast amount of Titanic toys, glassware, china and various other things.

There is a well stocked shop and a cafe for when visitors need a rest, which is probably well used as the museum needs quite some time to view properly.

We were then invited to the Mayor’s parlour for a welcome drink and a scone.

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