Havant Children’s University July 4th

This evening we were at the King’s Theatre in Southsea for the awards given to Primary age pupils who have worked outside of school hours over the last 12 months.

The awards were given to 176 children, many of whom had given up a lot of time, with 2 of them having put in over 400 hours of extra-curricular activity.

The schools were in two groups, the first being both Bidbury schools and both Mengham schools with 76 pupils. The second group of 100 pupils came from Horndean, Emsworth, Barncroft, Hart Plain, Padnell, St. Thomas More’s, Oaklands and Mill Rythe.

The certificates were presented by Dr. David Franklin, from the University of Portsmouth, Caroline Gilbert from the National Children’s University and children’s author Ali Sparkes, who read extracts from two of her books.

The audience was made up of many proud parents, and thanks must be given to them for the support and encouragement that they give to their children.

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