Rotary Schools Games June 29th

This morning we went to Waterlooville Leisure Centre to watch some of the swimming gala which was taking place as part of the Havant Rotary Schools Games.

As we arrived, some of the junior school pupils were leaving, having already completed their part of the days events.

With some of the swimmers

With some of the swimmers

We were met by Howard Broad and Peter Crane, the Chief Executive and Chairman of the Leisure trust. After a brief talk we went poolside to watch some of the secondary age children competing in various events. We were able to talk to some of the swimmers, some of whom are swimming for the county.

All of those who took part did it for the fun of it, and they weren’t worried whether they came first or last, just taking part was the important thing for them.

After watching for a while, we were given a tour of the facilities on offer at the leisure centre, including the gym and the new, privately run, physiotherapy and sports injury area.

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