Emsworth Concert June 24th

The Band

The Band

This evening we were in the audience at St. James Church, Emsworth, to listen to a concert performed by the Emsworth Concert Band.

What a treat this was! The Concert band is made up of some very gifted amateur musicians, several of them being still at school.

The music ranged from marches to musicals and from Dixie to samba and included some very impressive solo performances.

Final Speech

Final Speech

Formed by Kenneth Mann in 1986, the band was originally a marching band and, in 1990 became Supreme Champions in the National Youth Championships at the Albert Hall, before concentrating on concert playing in 1991.

Tonight’s concert featured two conductors, Dean Waller who is Bandmaster at the Royal Marines School of Music and, for his first concert as a conductor, Andy Harvey.

It was a shame that there were not more people there to hear the concert, but many people were probably watching England play Italy. They missed a real treat.

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