A.C.E. Youth Challenge June 22nd

Today we went to the Hub in Leigh Park to see the results, and the prize giving, of the A.C.E. Youth Challenge art competition.

An early coffee!!

An early coffee!!

A.C.E. (promoting Activity, Challenge and Enterprise for Young People) was started in 2007 to encourage  7-13 year olds in Leigh Park. This year the art competition was based on the theme of “On the street where I live” and received more than 30 entries from three age groups – 4-7 years old, 7-11’s and secondary age. These came from several schools across Leigh Park and included St. Thomas More’s primary, Warren Park primary & junior, Riders primary & junior, Front Lawn junior and Park Community.

The range of different ways of following the theme was quite varied, and showed a lot of skill and imagination.

The prizes were sponsored by the Portsdown Decorative & Fine Arts Society, and were presented by the Chairman Mrs. Kate Pim. Most of the children were there to receive their prizes, together with some very proud parents.

An excellent buffet was provided by the Hub cafe.

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