HCC Civic Day June 20th

With other Mayors and Chairmen from across Hampshire we attended the Hampshire County Council Civic Day.

We met at 8.30 in the Great hall in Winchester and then proceeded to Peninsular Barracks to visit three of the Museums there.

Part of Peninsular Barracks

Part of Peninsular Barracks

Our group first visited the museum of The Royal Green Jackets for a short visit which gave us the opportunity for a short overview of the history of the Regiment.

This first visit was followed by similar visits to, firstly, the Guardroom Museum. This is the museum of the Adjutant-Generals Corps. This Corps was formed in 1992 from the following individual Corps: Adjutant General’s Corps, Corps of Royal Military Police and Military Provost Staff Corps, Royal Army Pay Corps, Army Pay Corps, Army Pay Department, Royal Army Education Corps, Army Education Corps, Corps of Army Schoolmasters, Women’s Royal Army Corps, Auxiliary Territorial Service, Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, Army Legal Corps, Army Legal Staff.

The third museum visited was that of  The King’s Royal Hussars. The original two Hussar Regiments were the 10th Royal Hussars (Prince of Wales’s Own) and the 11th Hussars (Prince Albert’s Own). These became the Royal Hussars (Prince of Wales’s Own) which formed in 1969, and then became the King’s Royal Hussars in 1992.

We then went to visit the Hampshire record office for a very interesting tour which included seeing work to preserve and restore old documents and concluding with a film show of which a party in Langstone High Street in 1969 formed part.

Steam Lorry by Taskers of Andover

Steam Lorry by Taskers of Andover

In need of TLC!

In need of TLC!

After lunch we went to the Hampshire Museums Service HQ and the Hampshire Wardrobe at Chilcomb for a very interesting and diverse visit. Amongst the items there were many vehicles in various states of disrepair, a beautifully restored steam lorry, archeology exhibits dating back to the Stone Age, lots of draws of insects and moths, and a vast amount of period costumes which are available for hire.

We finally left for home soon after 5 o’clock, feeling tired but very impressed by what we had seen.

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