Searson’s Funeral Service June 14th

Unveiling the Plaque

Unveiling the Plaque

This evening Elaine & I were invited to formally open the Searson Family Funeral Service at their new premises in Park Parade, Leigh Park.

One of the aims of the evening was to dedicate the Chapel of Rest to the memory of Phyllis May Searson, the Grandmother of the co-proprietor, Andy Searson.

The Service of dedication was led by Father Steven Tancock, with further prayers from Father Tom Gufferty, Father Jonathon Jeffery and Reverend Sara Barron.

With Andy and Debi Searson

With Andy and Debi Searson

I was then given the honour of unveiling a plaque in memory of Phyllis Searson in the Chapel of Rest, and this was followed by some closing words from Andy Searson.

The guests included several people whose family funeral arrangements had been carried out by Searsons, and all were invited to stay for refreshments after the official business was concluded.



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