Scout Awards June 13th

This evening we were invited to attend the Awards and Presentation evening of the 3rd Hayling Scout Group.

This very successful troop has about 300 members ranging from Beavers through Cubs to Scouts and Explorer Scouts, with ages ranging from 6 to 18.

After an introduction and report from the Chairman, Dr. Philip Blosse, and a revue from the Group Scout Leader, Ian Hawke, came the award of Shields, Certificates and Badges to various members of the troop, and then there was a presentation from a Scout who had spent two weeks in Denmark and 3 who had attended the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden, before spending a few days in other European countries.

After seeing the Clarinet & Saxophone Choir on Monday, it was good to see another group of young people who prove that teenagers do not just stand around on street corners making trouble. Unfortunately, in many cases, the media appear to only publicise the bad minority, rather than the good majority.

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