Waterloo School Diamond Jubilee Party June 1st

Plenty of Fancy Dress

Plenty of Fancy Dress

This afternoon we went to the Waterloo School for their Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The children and their teachers were dressed in costume from the 60 years of the Queen’s reign. This included Teddy Boys, Punks, The Bay City Rollers and many more.

The party atmosphere was enhanced by several tables laden with food and there were a lot of happy children, parents and grandparents.

I was asked to plant a commemorative tree and to unveil a plaque. This was followed by a team relay race, with the winning team being “Knighted”! Also “Knighted” was the winner of a competition to design a commemorative plate.

In the Precinct

In the Precinct

Led by two Pipers the whole school then processed to the Hulbert Road and through the Waterlooville market and precinct, before heading back to the school. Elaine and I were behind the pipers, followed by the chairman of the School Governors and County Councillor Peter Edgar. George Hollingbery, MP, had been at the school, but had to leave early for a meeting.

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